ArtsinStark, The County Arts Council

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Place Category: Arts, Culture & Education

  • Although the name “ArtsinStark” has only been around since 2004, the foundation for what is now the county’s arts council began in 1968 with the organization, and two years later, the building of the Cultural Center for the Arts.

    The focus was on managing a remarkable 330,000 square foot arts facility and running one of the nation’s 80 United Arts Fund drives to raise dollars for the five organizations (Canton Ballet, Canton Symphony Orchestra, Canton Museum of Art, Players Guild Theatre, and Voices of Canton, Inc.) who resided at 1001 Market Avenue N.

    Today, ArtsinStark has broadened its reach. They’ve welcomed two additional organizations (Massillon Museum and Canton Palace Theatre) under their operating grantee umbrella and opened the bounty of its annual fundraising efforts to benefit a wider range of projects, including support to area schools (SmArts/Genius grants); area non-profits and independent artists (Special Project grants); and downtown arts and economic initiatives (20/20 Vision grants).

    Put simply, ArtsinStark is a non-profit organization that awards grants, manages the Cultural Center and runs the Annual Arts Campaign.

    Besides raising funds and awareness for the arts in Stark County and surrounding regions, ArtsinStark is integral in establishing and growing the public art in downtown Canton through partnerships like “The Eleven” with the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as well as bringing public art into downtown Alliance, Minerva, Louisville and Jackson. Planning and running the monthly First Fridays, with the 100th consecutive event held in October 2015, is part of the organization’s agenda as well as managing the 330,000 square foot Cultural Center for the Arts and adjacent parking deck/lots.

    At present, ArtsinStark receives no government support and is run on 100% private donations, with the mission of using the arts to create smarter kids, new jobs and healthier communities.

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